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On dating sites such as Plentyoffish and Match.com, a girl gets over at least 40 messages a day from needy and lonely guys. Unfortunately those needy and lonely guys spoil it for the rest of us because girls tend to associate any other guy on that site as needy and lonely. I did have little success with these sites but I was attracting the wrong kind of girls. You can meet quality women on there but the majority of attractive girls are on that site for a self esteem boost or for fun. The harshest truth that I had to face when I got too much into the online dating scene was that most of the girls weren’t even taking it that serious and that they didn’t expect to meet a guy from the internet. Most of my girl buddies who were on online dating sites would gossip about how pathetic men were on there. I became obsessed in becoming successful with social sex dating and I wasn’t going to give up that easy.

The only girls that were willing to meet were girls who worked weekly night shifts and had no time in the day to themselves, girls that had kids and were stuck at home, the crazy girls who wanted to get in a relationship with me before we had even met or do something crazy to me, negative girls who would constantly talk about how bad life was and how ugly they are and the girls who were social outcasts and had no friends.

At the same time that I was using online dating sites, I was also using Facebook and other social sites. I seemed to be getting all my success mostly from Facebook and some from different social networks . I would meet lots of beautiful and high quality women on the social networking sites but I was frustrated and pissed off because I wasn’t getting any success on online dating. So I decided that I would ask every girl that I met about their view on online dating. Most of them would tell me they didn’t like online dating sites because they were all creepy and needy guys would message them all the time. Other girls would tell me that the only girls that signed up on dating sites were either desperate or low self esteem in need of a boost from lonely and desperate men.

I asked them why meeting me from Facebook was any different and they would tell me that the difference was, I wasn’t a creepy and needy guy on an online dating site desperately looking for love and that they found me to be witty, sexy and intriguing. They didn’t think it was weird meeting up with me from a social networking site but they felt that it was weird meeting up with a guy from an adult social network and they would start to tell me all of the bad online dating meet up stories that their friends had gone through.

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